• NOTE: The timetable is subject to change in accordance with Covid restrictions at the time of operation.


  • April 11 to April 22, 2022
  • Mon – Fri 07:45 am – 05:45 pm
  • Children with age from 5 to 12 years old can attend (we cannot take any new preschool children as we do not currently have additional Early Years trained Educators required for compliance)
  • Children can be dropped off and collected anytime within these hours.
  • Late fees apply after 5:45 pm. See Late Policy here.
  • What you need to bring – Summer checklist HERE.
TIMETABLE (download here)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for a successful day at Boot Camp!


Outside play happens everyday at Clubhouse Boot Camp so we encourage that children are prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear ( change of clothes, coats and hats etc) please ensure all belongings are named.

Sunscreen is supplied but children are also encouraged to provide and apply their own if sensitive.

Bikes and scooters are encouraged if children wish to bring them and be kept securely on premises for the duration of the program. Please provide named helmets.

Various sports equipment is available but if children want to bring their own this is also encouraged.


At Clubhouse Boot Camp we do not allow lollies or chocolates. Children will need a big healthy lunch and lots of healthy snacks to be able to have fun and keep their energy levels up. Named water bottles are also essential to stay hydrated for the busy day (No juice or cordial)

We also have toastie machines available for toasting sandwiches and wraps.

2min noodles are NOT encouraged as they take too long to cook and cool before eating.

Microwave is availble for heating meals.

Please provide cutlery if requried.


Free arts and crafts everyday!

Children have access to a huge range of supplies and recycled products to design and create to their imagination desires.


Older children attending the program can develop their leadership skills and sense of responsibility as they are given the opportunity to choose and run activities and guide and assist younger children throughout the program.


Activities are run in two groups: up to 7 years and 8 years and over to ensure age appropriate use of tools and equipment.