To prepare for a cool life we need to learn how to look after ourselves practically and emotionally. At Club House re acknowledging the kids who are showing initiative of being responsible for themselves by saying ‘Good looking after yourself!

Activities to encourage independence and self-awareness include 
Swimming, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Bully program, visits from Emergency Services, and daily wellbeing activities of mindfulness. Sewing (getting your sewing machine license), How to change a car tyre, Cooking, learning to wash dishes (everyone washes their own dishes), working as a team, First Aid, and packing our own bags.

Epipen Training from an Expert. Counting to 10 and no need to rub.

The next one won’t get away!

Mastering the sewing machine!

Get down low and GO GO GO!

Bird Tweats to hang in the garden.

Let’s Get Organised, the 3 steps to packing our own bags.

1. Get Ready (where am I going and what am I doing there) 2. Set, make my list of what I need and lay it out on the floor 3. Go. tick off my list as I put things in my bag.