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New to Club House? 

Please clink the link at the bottom of this page or register here.

If you have already registered with Kidsxap simply login to your Kidsxap Guardian Portal or APP to ‘schedule’ days for your child to attend or update details.

The convenience of getting notifications on-the-go with the KidsXap technology of mobile app enables you to keep your children close even when our modern lives mean you can’t always be around.

KidsXap provides simple online access to all of your statements and billing information. At a click, our smart interface allows you to stay on top of your childcare payments with up-to-date CCS and Gap Fee information, synced in real-time, triggered by your child’s attendance. You can view detailed statements, access past payment history, and make payments using our childcare app.


  • Be sure to use the exact name in Kidsxap that was used when registering your child with Centerlink as Kidsxap provides a direct link with Centerlink enabling you to receive Child Care Rebates directly.
  • Accurate completion of details is crutial for Club House to provide the best care for your child as well as complying with current laws and regulations.
  • Please provide at least one additional ‘Nominated person’ to pick your child up if you are unavailable or too far from Club House in the case of illness or emergency. This may be your spouse, relative or family friend.
  • Payment is required prior to attending and is automaticaly calculated and deducted online. Please complete your ‘Payment Details’ tab with your account preference. If you have any concerns about this or would like to arrange a payment plan feel free to contact us.
  • The enrolment process will be finalised once you have scheduled a day for your child. If you are unsure of when you would like your child to attend at the time of your initial enrolemnt, simply select a day then cancel/change it once your enrolment has been formalised.

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